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Tight Pleat
  Tight Pleat Rosettes   Our tight pleat rosettes are very like the traditional knife pleat style. A really nice option of rosette available in a full range of colours and sizes.

1) Cavalier 2 Tier in Petunia with Broad 12” Tails
2) Corsair 3 Tier in Petunia and Lilac with Broad
12” Tails
3) Cameo 3 Tier in Violet and White with Broad
12” Tails
4) Corona 4 Tier in Purple and Grey with Broad 14” Tails

1 Tier
2 Tier
3 Tier
4 Tier
5 Tier

Gold Edge, Spotted, Starred or Lurex Ribbon

TAILS (Other than Standard)

Broad 9” Satin
Broad 9” Tartan
Broad 12” Satin
Broad 14” Satin
Broad Tartan
Gold Edge, Spotted or Lurex


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